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The Sanctuary…a safe haven!

So many customers have asked us about the name…The Aber Sanctuary 💫 …Aber because we are proud to be a local Welsh company and Sanctuary because during the pandemic with restricted social interaction we found that our customers appreciated to have a place where they could talk openly about their doubts about what was going on, something they found it hard to do at their workplace and even in their own family.

Still we find the Sanctuary to be a valid name/concept. A place where you can go for advice about your health, a place where we try to empower you with information and knowledge for you to take control of your own health as old systems seem to collapse or offer few solutions to many health issues.

On that tune we are offering you our time. If you want a consultation with us about your supplement needs you can book a time slot either by phone, zoom, whatsapp or whatever method you prefer.

We advice you to get your supplements from an experienced seller. Amazon will sell you anything but they will not tell you about the difference in quality between products nor about interactions with pharmaceutical drugs or about how you can maximise the effects by using synergistic products or just advice on when best to take them. We are happy to share our time and knowledge

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