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2 month pelvic floor bundle

2 month pelvic floor bundle

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Take this unique opportunity to improve your care muscles and pelvic floor to a highly discounted price, we are celebrating our first year as The Aber Sanctuary!

We hope the price will benefit anyone who wants to come to grips with their pelvic floor quickly and if you are a first time user this is a golden opportunity to see quick results without thinking too much about the investment.

If you are already a Urox user you can perfectly top up your stock and get 500 g of top quality marine collagen for just a few Pounds  extra.

500 g of Collagen Daily will last you 50 days taking a full scope of 10 g every
day. We recommend 3/4-1 scope per day dissolved in any drink of your choice including water.

You probably already know about Urox which by the way we are now marketing as UroxPro so we will not go into details her but you can click on this link for a 6 minute video

Some health advantages taking collagen:
-Strengthens almost every tissue in your body
-Necessary for bone strength
-Strengthens connective tissue
-Gives elasticity to blood vessels
-Strenghtens the pelvic floor
-Strengthens the vaginal wall

And as an extra bonus you will see improved skin and hair quality

This is a limited time offer so please take advantage of it, we hope to see many new users!
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